Colorado Co-Hop is a cooperative brewery startup looking for investment for space in Lafayette, CO for a brewery and taproom.

Beers Tech

Some of our awesome sauce

We are an employee owned and operated brewery and taproom.
We currently have a 1 BBL pilot system for small batches that will be available for members to brew on.
After collaborting with our brewers your beer will be on tap and will get voted on to scale up to our production system.

Community Driven

What goes around comes around. As a cooperative this is easy, since our work force are also the owners.


As a startup we will be high tech and streaming realtime data and analytics to the cloud and our website. Check out below.


Pivoting is key to success, whether it's changes in market trends, technology stacks or change for the sake of change then we'll be on the forefront.


Testing some small batches until we find a space. Here are some of the recipes we've been building.

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We are fully focused on automation, monitoring and analyzing our brew sessions. Here is what we have fermenting right now in the pilot system.

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We would love to hear from you. Interested in investing?
Send us a message and we'll send you the business plan.

Lafayette, CO